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SBRA Committees

Sports Betting Regulators Association Members participate in discussions and workgroups dealing with issues facing the public, professional sports, and licensees.

Committee membership is reserved for Regulatory Members of the SBRA.   Meetings are primarily conducted online and offer frank discussions on pending matters and emerging issues.

Non regulator Associate Sustaining Members of the SBRA are eligible to participate at committee meetings and discussions that do not deal with a pending enforcement action or active investigation.   

Information on how to become an Associate Sustaining Member of the SBRA can be found on the "Membership" tab on the home page of this website.   Associate Sustaining Members gain access to the Members area of the SBRA website and may participate in committee meetings and other forums.

The SBRA reserves the right to charge non-members a fee to access certain meetings to help defray the cost of holding the meeting.

Interested in Joining or Accessing A Committee?

Please click the name of the committee to request to be included in the committee's deliberations as a Member.

Contest Integrity


Legal and Regulatory Attorneys


Responsible Gaming

Technology and Security


Check the Committee Tabs under "Committees" on the SBRA Home Page to view current members of each committee.